Projecting Sound – From the rehearsal room to the concert hall

Part of the job of being a musician is to travel the world performing in different cities and festivals, which also means to play in different concert venues and halls.  Of course, we all experience this in our every-day life: You rehearse for a concert in a rehearsal space, often well known (at least for ...

Visualizing Sound – Chronicles of sound quality and personal tone research

1800 words, 8-10 minutes reading time Today we talk about sound quality on the flute. Whether you´re a beginner player OR an experienced player, dealing with tone quality, embrochure, air stream and projection is probably your daily bread. But how is sound quality affected and what ways are there, beyond technical aspects, to help achieve ...

Woodify newest invention!

I finally released my new Woodify rings, innovative sound solutions for flute. Woodify consists of a wooden ring mounted on the flute’s head-joint. After many years of research, I managed to find the ideal shape and size to create the best result on the instrument. But how does Woodify really work? The wooden surface, in ...

A patented sound solution

Woodify is a patented sound solution, developed by musicians for musicians. It is the result of a long developing process started many years ago. Sound analysis was carried out in order to investigate the exact sound modifications on the instrument, as well as to confirm the precise functionality of Woodify. The spectral analysis of a ...

Woodify for Contrabassoon & Contraforte

New product available! Stimulated by interests musicians, I am currently developing a special Woodify solution for Contrabassoon and Contraforte. Such low instruments profit especially in terms of their responsitivity in the high register, as well as making the staccato clearer. Such low instruments have difficulties in producing a clear staccato and Woodify could help with ...



Woodify Artists


Iva Kovac

Platypus Ensemble

Renate Linortner

Renate Linortner

Volksoper Wien


Gordon Fantini

Principal Bassoon Belgian National Orchestra


Vera Fischer

Klangforum Wien