Wiener Flotenwerkstatt

“Woodify is the ideal tool for all kind of flutes. It adds depth to the sound and allows for a greater variety in tone colors” - W. Tomasi, Flötenwerkstatt Vienna

Hungarian Flute Center

“Improve your color palette with this easy, powerful device. Woodify is your best companion” - Hungarian Flute Center, Budapest


““Woodify represents for me at the moment an indispensable tool when executing practically any repertoire." Cristian Coliver


“Woodify is the best gadget for flutists. Easy to use, great sound results and flexibility.” - Alec Music, Poland


"Woodify adds a special flavour to your sound. Try it out for yourself!” - Das Flautas, Spain

Woodify newest invention!

Alessandro Baticci has released the new Woodify, an innovative sound solution for flute. Woodify consists of a wooden ring mounted on the flute’s headjoint. The wooden surface, in contact with the tube, damps disturbing vibrations of the instrument and minimizes loss of energy in the air column. This results in a brighter, richer, and more ...

A patented sound solution

Woodify is a patented sound solution, developed by musicians for musicians. It is the result of a long developing process started many years ago. Sound analysis was carried out in order to investigate the exact sound modifications on the instrument, as well as to confirm the precise functionality of Woodify. The spectral analysis of a ...

Woodify for Contrabassoon & Contraforte

Stimulated by interests musicians, I am currently developing a special Woodify solution for Contrabassoon and Contraforte. Such low instruments profit especially in terms of their responsitivity in the high register, as well as making the staccato clearer. Such low instruments have difficulties in producing a clear staccato and Woodify could help with that. Stay tuned ...



Woodify Artists


Iva Kovac

Platypus Ensemble

Renate Linortner

Renate Linortner

Volksoper Wien


Gordon Fantini

Principal Bassoon Belgian National Orchestra


Vera Fischer

Klangforum Wien