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Improve your sound!

Woodify is a sound ring for flute. It increases the resistance of your instrument, allowing you to play with more air.

Get a more dense and full sound and increase your projection.
Woodify also helps you get a clearer staccato, by improving the responsivity of your flute.

This model is particularly suited for silver flutes.


ASH WOOD – The characteristics:


Gentle and round sound. Light colors, round staccato.

Light increase in response. Overall sound richer in harmonics.


Improve the sound of your flute: Get a more dense and full sound and increase projection.
Staccato and speed of emission are also improved.

Ash wood: Ash is a light to medium brown color. Sapwood can be very wide, and tends to be a beige or light brown; not always clearly or sharply demarcated from heartwood. Has a medium to coarse texture similar to oak. The grain is almost always straight and regular, though sometimes moderately curly or figured boards can be found.

Wooden ring, metal screw, comes in a cotton pouch.
Woodify is a patented solution.

3 reviews for Ash Wood

  1. Joshua

    I’ve been waiting for the perfect ring for my flute and the Ash Wood ring by Woodify is IT!
    Gives me exactly the sound I want and the design is beautiful as well. Thanks Woodify. I’m definitely recommending it to my colleagues.

  2. Tilia

    My friend uses one of these and has insisted I try one for a while now. Then said friend gifted me this new ring by Woodify. It felt unusual at first but it is TOTALLY WORTH IT. I can’t imagine parting with it, and am now looking into pairing it with their ergonomic solutions as well.

  3. Josh_CG

    Who knew the solution to my flute issues was gonna this little wooden ring? Fantastic!!!

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