Beech Wood

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Improve your sound!

Woodify is a sound ring for flute. It increases the resistance of your instrument, allowing you to play with more air.

Get a more dense and full sound and increase your projection.
Woodify also helps you get a clearer staccato, by improving the responsivity of your flute.

This model is particularly suited for silver flutes.


BEECH WOOD – The characteristics:


The all-rounder. High increase in resistance. Full, centered sound.

Sharp staccato and increase in response. Overall sound rich in harmonics.


Improve the sound of your flute: Get a more dense and full sound and increase projection.
Staccato and speed of emission are also improved.

Beech wood: Beech is typically a pale cream color, sometimes with a pink or brown hue. Veneer tends to be slightly darker colored, as slicing the veneer usually requires the wood to be prepared with steam, which gives the wood a more golden tone. Flatsawn surfaces tend to be very plain, while quartersawn surfaces exhibit a silvery fleck pattern. Grain is straight, with a fine to medium uniform texture. Moderate natural luster.

Wooden ring, metal screw, comes in a cotton pouch.
Woodify is a patented solution.

5 reviews for Beech Wood

  1. Jennifer

    Totally worth buy it!

  2. Hannah

    Much better than Lefreque! Especially the model in Beech wood works really good on my Muramatsu! Love it!

  3. Jeanne_fl

    I am really impressed! I always play with it!

  4. Rene

    René Blom
    3 anni fa
    I purchased the beech wood version of this device, and it actually helps softening the tone quality of my rather bright sounding (and sometimes also slightly shrill sounding) Pearl PH-6 headjoint.

  5. Ben.WV

    Been using this for a year now and can safely say it does wonders for my sound. Highly recommend.

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