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    René Blom 3 anni fa I purchased the beech wood version of this device, and it actually helps softening the tone quality of my rather bright sounding (and sometimes also slightly shrill sounding) Pearl PH-6 headjoint.
  2. Jeanne_fl


    I am really impressed! I always play with it!
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    Much better than Lefreque! Especially the model in Beech wood works really good on my Muramatsu! Love it!
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    Totally worth buy it!

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  2. James


    That's the best device I tried so far for flute! Especially I like being able to adapt the effect on the instrument.

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    Woodify makes me the sound in rich harmonies, focus, more projection and clear articulation. 👍👍👍
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    Wow! Such a change in sound! Wish I had tried it out earlier!
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    This ring really helped me to increase my sound!
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    Woodify indeed improved my sound. Easy to use and straightforward!
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    Wow! My sound improved sooo much! It really changes the vibration pattern!
  6. Katherine94


    The model in cherry wood adds a great amount of dept to the sound of my Pearl flute. I really like it!

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  2. Carl_flute


    I am usually sceptical about sound improvement solutions. I feel that my instrument profits in terms of more richness in sound, but at the same time I feel more resistance. Indeed, it surely does affect the sound!

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    My Jupiter Alto Flute really sounds better!

  1. Avatar


    This device really improves the sound of bass flute. Such a nice, crystal-clear staccato! Wow!

  1. james_fagott


    This little device works like magic on my bassoon. Especially high notes are so much easier!

  1. Patrick1994


    Woodify adds more focus and richness to the timbre. I also feel more flexibility in the higher register. Highly recommend!

  1. Joanna


    I don't know how this device works, but I am really impressed by how smooth and fluent my sound got. It is really worth a try!

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    Woodify Wave is extremely comfortable. I think it really improved the agility in my left hand. Also Ovangkol is so beautiful! Totally recommend!

  1. Jill


    Woodify Wave really looks to beautiful on my instrument! And I can feel that my hand is more relaxed.

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    Not only does this look stunning, it has helped tremendously with grip and coordination. I feel I can play faster as my fingers on my left hand are less tense.