1. Oliver.Reed

    This ring really makes my sound more centred. Does exactly what it says on the tin. I had to experiment a bit with the placement (trust me it does make a difference, so just keep at it until you find the sweet spot for you!) but after that it was very simple to use.
  2. Ben.WV

    Been using this for a year now and can safely say it does wonders for my sound. Highly recommend.
  3. Rene

    René Blom 3 anni fa I purchased the beech wood version of this device, and it actually helps softening the tone quality of my rather bright sounding (and sometimes also slightly shrill sounding) Pearl PH-6 headjoint.
  4. Jeanne_fl

    I am really impressed! I always play with it!
  5. Hannah

    Much better than Lefreque! Especially the model in Beech wood works really good on my Muramatsu! Love it!
  6. Jennifer

    Totally worth buy it!

  1. Duecege

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  2. Mark

    I've always struggled with staccato, but Woodify has made it so much easier and clearer. Love it!
  3. Finn.Flute

    Interesting that they used the word "dense" to describe the sound because this is exactly how it felt for me. Really rich and beautiful tones. Much easier to play in the low registers. Would highly recommend!
  4. David.NH

    Very interesting tool and an important addition to my flute. Amazing work!
  5. Haylee

    After using this for a couple of months, my flute feels naked without it. This is just simply a part of my instrument now. Love it!!
  6. Greg

    This product does exactly what it says on the tin. After a couple of practice sessions and some getting used to, the sound is fuller and denser, and my projection bigger. The change in resistance also made me rethink my breathing technique, which also improved after playing with this for a while. Overall a great product, keep up the good work.
  7. James

    That's the best device I tried so far for flute! Especially I like being able to adapt the effect on the instrument.

  1. Michele

    Woodify has exceeded my expectations. It's made such a noticeable difference in my flute playing.
  2. helen_58

    I’ve seen Gina Luciani talk about these on youtube. I was a little dissatisfied with my sound for a while but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I decided to give it a go just for fun and I am so glad I did it!!! It just made my playing a lot smoother. Hope this helps someone go for it as well!
  3. TimmyTrainor

    I have seen people discussing this little device in one of the Facebook group for flutist, so just out of curiosity, I decided I must try it out for myself. I really do like it on my silver flute. Indeed, it takes a bit of time to find the best position for it that works with your flute, but it is a device that shouldn't be overlooked. Makes my sound so much more concentrated. Thanks Woodify!!
  4. flutelover_nc65

    I thought about it for a long time and finally gave in last month! THANK GOD! It is incredible how it not only influences my sound but makes me play more mindfully.
  5. Julian

    It’s amazing what it does to my flute! I can highly recommend to try it out. It gives you the possibility to explore more colors in your sound 👍🏻
  6. Pan

    Woodify makes me the sound in rich harmonies, focus, more projection and clear articulation. 👍👍👍
  7. Jamie

    Wow! Such a change in sound! Wish I had tried it out earlier!
  8. Francesco

    This ring really helped me to increase my sound!
  9. James

    Woodify indeed improved my sound. Easy to use and straightforward!
  10. Andrea

    Wow! My sound improved sooo much! It really changes the vibration pattern!
  11. Katherine94

    The model in cherry wood adds a great amount of dept to the sound of my Pearl flute. I really like it!

  1. Dora

    The Woodify Ring is a winner. I think they definitely improve your tone in the way that the Woodify maker says. So, if you want a simple way to improve your tone, get a Woodify Ring for Flute.
  2. Jack.Zackary

    Very beautiful, delicate sound! Articulation became much easier once I found the right placement. Would totally recommend this to others.
  3. Carl_flute

    I am usually sceptical about sound improvement solutions. I feel that my instrument profits in terms of more richness in sound, but at the same time I feel more resistance. Indeed, it surely does affect the sound!

  1. Jasmine

    I've noticed a significant improvement in my projection and overall sound on my Muramatsu 14K since using Woodify. Highly recommend trying it out!
  2. Ella_64

    I wasn't sure if a sound solution like this will work on my gold flute but I am so happy I gave it a try! I'm able to put so much more air through the flute and it really responds beautifully.

  1. Timothy

    Got both of these to try out on my silver flute and I'm really enjoying it so far. Hard to pick a favourite but one definitely hears a difference. Highly recommend.
  2. Laura

    I got this double pack for me and my daughter because we both play but needed different solutions to our sound.. What a great decision, we both love it!

  1. Marina_ila24

    I wasn't sure which ring would fit my silver flute best, and as a birthday gift to myself, I decided to by the triple pack and try them all. I am so happy about this decision. Each one changes and improves my sound in a slightly different way which first me perfectly as a teacher, soloist and orchestral flutist. There truly is something in this pack for everyone.
  2. Keisuke Mikuriya

    I felt that the response of the sound increased after wearing it. In particular, the response in the midrange has improved. Considering the mounting position, I presume that by suppressing the vibration of the instrument itself that occurs with the vibration of the sound, the rise of the sound has improved. I can also compare by using the three types properly, and you can enjoy interesting changes.

  1. Keisuke Mikuriya

    I felt that the response of the sound increased after wearing it. In particular, the response in the midrange has improved. Considering the mounting position, it seems that the vibration of the instrument itself due to the vibration of the sound is suppressed, and the rise of the sound has improved. Woodify comes in handy because it's hard to get middle‐pitched tone clarity on a low register flute.
  2. Franz

    My Jupiter Alto Flute really sounds better!

  1. Hello_John75

    I was really struggling with getting a clear staccato on my bass flute. I heard about Woodify from a colleague at the school where I teach and I gave it a try. Indeed it became much easier to play a nice staccato and articulate more

  1. Tasha_flute087

    I can also confirm that my staccato improved after trying this out and figuring out the best placement for it!
  2. Keisuke Mikuriya

    It's hard to find where to mount the Woodify against the curved headjoint of the low flute. However, when I put it on, I definitely felt a change in the sound. I am still looking for the best position.
  3. Eva

    This device really improves the sound of bass flute. Such a nice, crystal-clear staccato! Wow!

  1. james_fagott

    This little device works like magic on my bassoon. Especially high notes are so much easier!

  1. Patrick1994

    Woodify adds more focus and richness to the timbre. I also feel more flexibility in the higher register. Highly recommend!

  1. Joanna

    I don't know how this device works, but I am really impressed by how smooth and fluent my sound got. It is really worth a try!

  1. YiPing Huang

    The touch is very smooth and the angle perfectly supports the finger to maintain the correct hand position.
  2. Mark

    Woodify Wave is extremely comfortable. I think it really improved the agility in my left hand. Also Ovangkol is so beautiful! Totally recommend!

  1. Emilia_Luis

    Came here after watching Joanna Sho´s livestream a few weeks ago. She swears by these so I had to try one out for myself. I have it paired with the twig and I totally see what she is saying. This is amazing if you're a kinaesthetic player and want a better grip!!

  1. Jill

    Woodify Wave really looks to beautiful on my instrument! And I can feel that my hand is more relaxed.

  1. Gary_fL

    Came from JustAnotherFlutist´s livestreams and got one of these for myself. It really does feel very nice to use and is beautifully crafted.
  2. YiPing Huang

    The touch is very smooth and the angle perfectly supports the finger to maintain the correct hand position.

  1. Alan

    Not only does this look stunning, it has helped tremendously with grip and coordination. I feel I can play faster as my fingers on my left hand are less tense.

  1. Olivia_Lorens

    I used to have a finger rest but it was made of some kind of rubbery material and it wasn't really transferring the vibrations. I missed feeling a bit more connected to my flute so I decided to give this a try as my colleague recommended it. I love it and I'm never going back.
  2. Hans_Ila

    A great little addition to my flute!! So comfortable and steady to hold.