Woodify newest invention!

Alessandro Baticci has released the new Woodify, an innovative sound solution for flute. Woodify consists of a wooden ring mounted on the flute’s headjoint. The wooden surface, in contact with the tube, damps disturbing vibrations of the instrument and minimizes loss of energy in the air column. This results in a brighter, richer, and more focused tone and a greater dynamic range. The flute also profits in terms of responsiveness.

The acoustic properties of musical instruments has always been of great interest in Baticci’s life. While studying flute and electro-acoustic composition and serving as Tonmeister at the University for Music and performing Arts in Vienna, Baticci developed an interest in music, technology, sound, and craft. Improving his own instrument became part of his artistic research. Through his close relationship with the Wiener Flöten- werkstatt and flutemaker Werner Tomasi, Baticci was able to keep up with new developments in instrument making, par- ticularly in terms of tonal improvements. But he found many of the innovations coming on the market to be somehow inap- propriate, and hence decided to set off on his own path.


properties are based on acoustic research con- ducted with the goal of creating tonal improvement, and the Italian flutist and inventor works actively with professional flutists to develop and improve his new product. On request, Baticci also produces Woodify rings for alto and bass flutes, which can profit massively in tonal response as well as sound projection.

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