Improve the sound of your instrument

Premium sound solution for flute & bassoon, to add colors and depth to your sound

Woodify is an innovative sound solution

The wooden ring enhances your sound, increasing

projection and adding colors and depth to your tone

Wiener Flotenwerkstatt

“Woodify is the ideal tool for all kind of flutes. It adds depth to the sound and allows for a greater variety in tone colors” - W. Tomasi, Flötenwerkstatt Vienna


“Woodify adds a special flavour to your sound. Try it out for yourself!” - Das Flautas, Spain

Hungarian Flute Center

“Improve your color palette with this easy, powerful device. Woodify is your best companion” - Hungarian Flute Center, Budapest

woodify wave

An Ergonomic Solution

The perfect balance between elegance and comfort

“Woodify Wave releases stress and improves agility! It´s elegant shape makes it the most elegant solution available”
R. Linortner - Volksoper Wien

What Woodify model suits my flute best?

Find out using our Flute Tester!

Woodify for Bassoon

This is the most easy-to-use and efficient sound solution for bassoon!

“I am really astonished by the sound quality of this simple device!”
G. Fantini, Principal Bassoonist
Belgian National Orchestra

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Quality, Innovation & Passion

Woodify is the result of a year-long research for the best materials and shape, with a particular attention for details, surface design, as well as sustainability