Improve the sound
of your instrument

Premium sound solution for flutists & bassoonists,

to add colors and depth to your sound

Improve the sound
of your instrument

Premium sound solution for flutists & bassoonists,

to add colors and depth to your sound








Technical Drawing@3x-8

The Woodify ring enhances your sound, increasing

projection and adding colors and depth to your tone

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Hundreds of artists around the world use Woodify to improve their sound. Here's what they say:


Wow! My sound improved sooo much! It really changes the vibration pattern!


Cherry Wood

I am usually sceptical about sound improvement solutions. I feel that my instrument profits in terms of more richness in sound, but at the same time I feel more resistance. Indeed, it surely does affect the sound!


Ash & Zebrano

René Blom 3 anni fa I purchased the beech wood version of this device, and it actually helps softening the tone quality of my rather bright sounding (and sometimes also slightly shrill sounding) Pearl PH-6 headjoint.


Beech Wood

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Professionals, experienced musicians talk about their tricks and tips on how to gain sound volume, project sound and perform in the most prestigious concert halls in the world.

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Hi, I'm Alessandro

And I'm obsessed with Sound

I am a freelance flautist, composer and performer, active internationally in the field of contemporary music  and sound art.

Engagements have taken me allover the world to Japan, USA, Russia,  Argentina, China, Switzerland, Taiwan, and all over Europe, performing in the most incredible venues and festivals such as Salzburger Festspiele, Lucerne Festival, Elbphilarmonie and the famous Musikverein in Vienna.

I have a strong dedication to contemporary music which led me to fruitful exchange with many prestigious composers, but also to an intensive activity in the field of sound installations, performative art and electroacoustic composition, working actively with young composer and artists on new languages of expression in music.

My same creative approach brought me to develop various prototypes of electro-acoustical instruments, digital control and mapping systems as well as sound and ergonomic solutions for acoustic instruments.

I think that expanding the projection possibilities of your instrument should be part of your own daily sound research

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